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1. The Digital Center IB-COM
The IB-COM is a digital center which is specifically designed for
controlling model railways with a computer program. It can control
layouts using the Motorola and DCC digital formats simultaneously,
on the same track, and is therefore a genuine multi-protocol Digital
system. It is extremely efficient and compact.
1.1 Description
With USB Interface
The fast interface to the computer for controlling model railway
layouts with computer programmes.
With Booster
The high performance booster is short circuit proof. It has an output
current of 3 A.
Various data formats
The IB-COM can control locomotive decoders and switch functions
of most manufacturers mixed on a layout.
The following data formats can be transmitted
Motorola data format
Uhlenbrock, Märklin, Viessmann
Extended Motorola data format (Gauge I)
Uhlenbrock, Märklin alternating current Gauge I format
DCC data format
Uhlenbrock, Märklin direct current, Arnold, Digitrax, Lenz, LGB,
Roco and all DCC compatible decoders.
9999 decoder addresses and 128 drive positions
The IB-COM supports all addresses and speed steps of the various
decoder makes.
Märklin Motorola Decoder
80 addresses, 14 speed steps
Uhlenbrock Motorola Decoder
255 addresses, 14 speed steps
Uhlenbrock DCC Decoder
9999 addresses, 128 speed steps
DCC compatible Decoder
99-9999 addresses, 14, 28, 128 speed steps, according to type
Extended special functions
Up 10000 special functions (for some DCC decoders) are available
for switching of light, sound, etc..
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