Trainprogrammer - page 4

Non-Volatile memory
All settings, which have been done with the IB-COM remain non-
volatile, even if the equipment is switched off for months.
Updatable system software
Using the IB-COM internal interface the system software can be
updated at any time.
Compatible with many other devices
On the back of the IB-COM are sockets for transformer, track,
programming track, DCC booster, Roco and LGB Lokmaus1, s88
feedback modules, Digitrax LocoNet and the USB computer
1.2 Technical Data
Supply voltage
AC input of 16-18 V.
Maximum current load
3 A to the rails
0.2 A to LocoNet B output
0.5 A to LocoNet T output
All outputs have short circuit protection.
Maximum number of feedback modules
A total of 2048 feedback contacts can be evaluated.
Maximum number of loco addresses
DCC format: 1-9999
Motorola format: 1-255
Maximum number of solenoid device decoder addresses
DCC format: 1-2000
Motorola format: 1-320
Usable Transformers
52-100VA, max. 18V AC
e.g. Uhlenbrock 70VA transformer, Part No. 20 070
180 x 136 x 80 mm
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