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2. The Interface
The computer interface refers to a USB computer interface. This
type of interface is found on IBM-compatible PCs or laptops.
To connect the IB-COM (socket 5) with the USB interface use the
Uhlenbrock USB cable Part No. 61070. That is a USB cable with
connector types A and B plug, like you also use for connecting a
USB printer.
The computer interface is set to a data transmission rate of 115200
The USB LocoNet interface of the IB-COM can be used with the
Windows Operating systems 2000, XP and Vista (32 bits, without
active users access control (UAC)). Support for older Windows
systems like 95 or 98 is not provided.
For layout control all PC-control programs that support LocoNet
protocol can be used.
2.1 Interface Characteristics
PC and LocoNet are electrically isolated. Baud rates of 19200,
38400, 57600 or 115200 Baud can be selected.
Two operating modes are available:
1. all bytes are passed directly to the LocoNet (only 19200 Baud)
2. only valid LocoNet Messages are transferred from the PC to
LocoNet; the interface controls the data traffic on LocoNet; all
Bytes from LocoNet are passed directly to the PC (factory
2.2 Preparation for installating the driver
Before you connect the IB-COM to the PC, the driver software for
the interface must to be installed otherwise your PC may
To install the driver insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. After
short time the program will start and guide you through the
installation process for the software.
If the installation program does not automatically start, open the
CD-ROM with File Manager or Explorer and start with a double click
Precise instructions for the installation are found in the following
sections for operating systems, Windows 2000, Windows Vista and
Windows XP.
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